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Welcome to the Dublin South Branch/Craobh Átha Cliath Theas of the Retired Teachers Association!  The Dublin Branch has now been split into two branches – Dublin North and Dublin South.  The Liffey forms the boundary between the two branches.  We will shortly be holding our first inaugural meeting in Club na Múinteoirí on 25th May at 11.15 am.

We hope to see a large attendance at this inaugural meeting as we will have important business to transact such as electing a committee and adopting Branch Bye-Laws.  You will also receive along with the notice of meeting a questionnaire that we would ask you to complete and return to us, as we very much want to know what your views are on the running of the branch.

We would also invite you to “subscribe” to this blog.  It’s free!  By subscribing you will receive a notification by email whenever there is a new posting to the blog.  In this way we hope to keep members up-to-date with all that is happening and of course we invite you to give us feedback by way of comment to any posting.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

6 Responses to About us

  1. Dónall Ó Murchú says:

    Matt, ana obair comhgairdeas. Tús maith leath na hoibre srl. Beir bua agus beannacht.

  2. Micheál Ó Gríofa says:

    Congratulations- this is inviting and welcoming. Well done.

  3. Pamela A. Langley says:

    I have to say that as a recently retired teacher with an interest in getting involved in the RTA I was very disappointed with the meeting in the teachers’ club last Wednesday. While I appreciate that there was ‘dry’ business which needed attention I felt those who benefitted most from the meeting were those ‘in the know’ – the rest of us were barely acknowledged. Apart from seeing the people on the podium I still do not know the names of those in charge. No attempt was made to make known to the assemled audience those who were elected to the Committee. Surely it would have been appropriate for them to at least stand up! Once 6 ‘known to the podium members’ persons were nominated to the committee there was no requests for others to be nominated – ie there was no Committee elected- selected yes!

    As for the ‘Ecumenical Service’!- it would be better to abolish it rather than have it as it was. Again, while those leading it were introduced, without the use of a microphone those of us sitting away from the speakers couldn’t possibly hear what was said. People coming and going, talking, slamming doors behind them were obviously making their own views and respect for the service and those present for it, perfectly clear.
    From the conversations during the lunch it was very clear that most people shared the views which I have just expressed- I hope that at least some people have taken the time to make their views know to the organizers.
    Retired Teachers Association- is it for me? I ‘ll reserve judgement for the moment.

    • Tom says:

      I agree with Pamela Langley regarding the nominations. The committee that represents its members between elections should be seen to be elected. Having more candidates nominated ensures an election. It should be part of the order of business at the AGM to call for ‘any more nominations’ and to give some time for all with an interest in serving the members to be so nominated. Having a greater number nominated than places on the committee to be filled better serves the democratic process.

      I would also suggest that the members should ensure that the chair allows such opportunity for more nominations. Most chairpersons try to keep a balance between keeping the agenda moving efficiently and giving adequate time to each item. A reminder to the Chairperson in the case of any omission, in my experience, is always welcomed by the chair and indeed a great assistance to the person in the chair.

      Regarding the ecumenical service the survey seems to indicate that the majority who responded are in favour of such a service and it was scheduled to precede the AGM at 11.15 and the AGM itself to commence at 11.30. If people do not wish to attend it they should remain outside until it is completed. A notice outside the door stating that the service is in progress might prevent some of the annoying noise caused. And, of course, the service should be concluded on time and the notice on the door removed when it is concluded. Maybe 15 minutes is not enough for the service and might be scheduled earlier.

      Regarding the difficulty with sound and extraneous distractions I am sure that will be noted and addressed for the next meeting. I find though in many such gatherings, and not just with the RTA but in other society gatherings as well, often the message that is being delivered or query answered is lost to some because of local conversations, a burst of comments or discussions among neighbours. There is a discipline and an etiquette that needs to develop.

      But all in all, especially allowing for the fact that this is a new group, a new team coordinating the transition from one large Dublin RTA to two smaller divisions,that AGM meeting merits my vote for a job well done. I know the officers and committee will take on board the critique made and will continue to serve the members effectively and efficiently and will constantly review that service to the members.

      Tom Ó Briain

      • coolamber71 says:

        Well said Tom! We’re a young branch with a long way to go and hopefully we’ll get more things right than wrong! It is also worth remembering that the bye-laws passed at the meeting proscribe limited terms of office for officers, so there will be a constant roll-over of fresh blood coming on to the committee to keep things fresh and to ensure that there is no way for any entrenched views to become deeply rooted in the psyche of the new branch. Diversity of approach and opinion will hopefully make fallow the ground from which new roots will continually spring. Is féidir linn!

  4. Art Kavanagh says:

    Nice blog. Well done.

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